The QuiltMaker is proud to be officially licensed by the University of Kansas to make you a one of a kind, unique keepsake quilt using your personal collection of KU tee shirts.  

    Quilts shown here are a sample of quilts made from a personal collection of licensed University of Kansas of tee shirts.  Individual quilts will vary based on the tee shirts submitted.  The quilt which will be manufactured for you will be an officially licensed collegiate product.  As such, the University requires that tee shirts submitted for inclusion on your quilt be of high quality and portray a positive image of the University of Kansas.


    Block quilts can be made any size, from a 9 block wall hanging to a 35 block king quilt.  Several stlyes of block quilts are available and can be viewed on the block style page. 

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    KU Twin size quilts are sized perfect for that extra long twin size dorm room bed.  The "K" requires ten blue t-shirts and three white t-shirts.  The "U" requires eleven blue t-shirts and four white t-shirts.  If you add five more white t-shirts you can put them all together for a king size quilt! My king "KU" is pictured below.

    Collage style quilts can also be made from your personal collection of t-shirts.  Collage quilts are a great way to fit as much as possible of your KU collection onto your quilt.  It is also a great style to use if you need an exact size quilt.  Awesome borders are used to frame the collage design.

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                                           Done with Denim!

                      KU Napping Bed

    If you find you are a little short on shirts for your quilt and need to add to your collection, two of my favorite places to shop are www.kustore.com and www.kubookstore.com   If you are seeking vintage KU shirts, contact The QuiltMaker at thequiltmaker@cox.net and I can help you direct you in your search.

    Your quilt will be a one of a kind officially licensed collegiate product made from your personal KU tee shirt collection.  As this product is an officially licensed product, tee shirts with objectionable content, graphics, or verbiage may be rejected at the University's discretion.  "Non-University shirts" that contain other trademarks may also be rejected.  If a shirt is rejected, a replacement shirt may need to be submitted prior to production.